Friday, May 31, 2013

♥June Wishlist 2013♥

heyy girls,

Since I haven't done a wishlist post in a while I've decided to do one today! Yeah! ;)...

The first thing that I've been wanting to buy for a very long time is this Buxom lipgloss. I don't have a shade in particular that I want but some beauty  gurus have been raving about these so I REALLY want to try it out ;) You can find this product at Sephora.

The next thing on my wishlist is the famous Beauty Blender. I've heard so much great things about this little sponge that I kind of want to try it out to see if it is THAT good... Again, you can buy this product at Sephora.
This next makeup kit is also from Sephora and it is the Tarte Awaken Your Complexion which it comes with an Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder, a Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment, a Pure Maracuja Oil, a Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in the shade of your choice AND a Bamboo Concealer Brush. I personally think that it is a good deal for 38$...

The next item on my wishlist is this dress from Forever 21 which is called the Essential Colorblocked Dress with Belt. I just  think it is SO pretty ;)

This next item is jewelry! I just think those earrings are so classy and I LOVE the kind of blush color in the middle. I am in love with those and I NEED them...Again, you can find them at Forever 21.

I've been wanting some good makeup brushes for almost a year now and I totally want the Sigma ones because everyone seems to like them....They also look good quality and you have every single brush that you can possibly need in this kit...
 Usually, when I go into a Bath & Body Works store I kind of go crazy and buy a lot of candles. But, recently I've tried not to buy any even though the Summer collection has the best smell in my opinion... So I totally want this Peach Bellini candle...I smelled it in the store the other day and I just don't know how I made it out of the store without buying it...ohh well...
 OMG! When I saw this dress the other day online I almost died! Seriously it is so freakin' adorable and cute and summery and it is just perfect! ;) Here is the link to this beautiful dress (here).

The last thing on my June Wishlist is this bow from American Apparel. I don't want this hair bow in this color in particular but I just think it is so girly and flirty....
I hope you appreciated this post,
Isabelle -xxx-
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  1. The buxom glosses are pretty good! I had a sample that lasted me for months! If you don't like a plumping/ stinging feeling, I would stay away from them!

    1. You convinced me even more! Now I really want to buy one and try it out ;)