Tuesday, May 21, 2013

♥Inexpensive & Cute Jewelry! + Mini-haul♥

heyy girls,

a couple a days ago I received a package from Rings & Tings. I got a bracelet, a ring and a necklace which I am in love with those three items. I am here to tell you my honest review on those jewelries. But before I tell you here are what they look like...

here is the link to this ring: http://www.ringsandtings.com/collections/rings-best-selling/products/cat-ear-ring 
The ring is very good quality I wore it during an entire day and I've never got a green circle stain that cheap jewelry can give you sometime so for me it was a good sign that these were made with good quality materials. The size of the ring is perfect I wore it on my right index finger and it was perfect. It cost 3.50£ which equals at 5.30$CA.
here is the link to this bracelet: http://www.ringsandtings.com/collections/bracelets-best-selling/products/pyramid-beads-with-spike-woven-bracelet
I love the studs on this bracelet and even though it is made with a thread material it doesn't feel cheap at all. It feels sturdy in a way that it won't break on you out of the blue. The closure is very nice and I basically love everything in this bracelet. I wore it almost every single day since I got it. It cost 4£ which equals at 6$CA.
I couldn't find this one on the website... http://www.ringsandtings.com
This necklace is also very good quality. The chain isn't cheap so you don't have to be afraid about loosing it during the day. The closure is also very secure so again, it is a good thing. I don't how much it is but I guess it is between 6$-8$.

My final thoughts:

I have to say that I am very pleased with the jewelry pieces that I received. I love how everything in their website is so cute and fashionable. Also it is SO inexpensive and they ship WORLDWIDE. Not only they ship everywhere but it is also FREE! I am definitely going to purchase more of their stuffs that's for sure!

I also have a little gift/surprise for you...
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Now here is the second part of this post...MINI SUMMER HAUL

The first thing that I got is this nailpolish from Essie in the color Cute as a Button...

excuse my nails.....

The next thing that I got was this new limited edition Lip Butter by Revlon in the color Pink Limonade. I have to tell you...This is my favorite Revlon Lip Butter color ever! It is such a beautiful light pink color! I'm in love! ;)

I also got this Maybelline Eyestudio quad in Natural Shock which I'll dedicate an entire post about it later. Why? are you thinking right now...well you'll see soon ;)

This next product is a hair product. I've wanted to try a sea salt hair product that gives you gorgeous beach hair for forever ;) I can do a review on it if you want...just leave me a comment below telling me that you want a review on it and I will :) So anyway, I got this Göt 2b Beach trippin' salt infusion Waving Spray. It says that you can use it on dry or damp hair...

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Isabelle -xxx-
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  1. Oh j'adore la bague ! Elle est super mignonne. ♥

    Des bisous,
    Maêva du blog:

  2. Oui, fais nous une "review" sur le beach trippin' de Schwarzkopf!
    Tu crois qu'on peut le trouver en France?
    Tu en es satisfaite?

    1. Je ne sais pas si on peut en retrouver en France, mais il est possible de faire commande en ligne je crois. Je l'ai seulement testé 2 fois donc je n'ai pas encore une opinion sur ce produit ;)