Friday, May 17, 2013

May Topbox 2013

heyy girls,

today I am here with a what I got in my Topbox! I am SO happy about everything that I got in my box :)

The first thing that came in my box was this nailpolish from Cuccio Colour in the colour I Left My Heart In San Francisco. It is a very pretty light milky pink. I love how pigmented it is! With two coats you're good to go ;)

Excuse my dry hands...
The next product that I got is this sample of the Benefit Porefessional which is a primer and a pore minimiser...

This next product was a surprise for me because I've never expected to see a Lise Watier product in a subscription box. So I was positively surprise to see that and let me tell you that this gloss is PIGMENTED and GLOSSY. I love the formula! It is in the colour Stylista.

The last product that I got is this little eyeshadow by Yaby. It is in the colour berry splats. It is very pigmented and I'm excited to use it ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post ;)

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  1. I really love your nailpolish color.

  2. Hey! Have you heard about the No7 Beautiful skin rapid spot rescue?
    Because I'd like to try it, and if you do a review on it, it will be great! :D
    (excuse my english, i am french.)
    (I'll go to england this summer, so I'm interested in this product, you can find it in Boots.)

    You did really great articles, and even if we don't comment all the time, you should do more!

    1. Your English is good! I've never heard of this product before. I've done some research and it seems like there isn't a lot of reviews for this skincare product. I've also read that this product is for acne. This is why I don't think that I would be able to test it out correctly because I don't have acne since I took Accutane a couple of months ago. But I know a good skincare brand for acne if you are looking for new products, Vichy Normaderm. Here is the website:
      I've tried those products before and I really liked them :) Thank you for writing to me ;) -xxx-

  3. I don't really have "acne", a few "spots" (boutons) but I notice that I have more now than before.
    What is Accutane? I heard about Roaccutane, but i think it's not for me.
    And I already have Normaderm Vichy products, thanks for the advice :)

    1. Accutane is basically the same thing as Roaccutane but in a different name. You should try to see if you changed something in your routine and look for oil-free products ;) I've heard that the spot treatment from Neutrogena is also good and doesn't dry out your skin :)

  4. Pour tes ongles secs, met du baume (épais) à lèvres sur tes cuticules (sur le pourtour de tes ongles). :)

    1. merci pour le conseil je vais essayer ça ;)