Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I style colored shorts

heyy girls,

since summer is coming I thought it will be nice to come with more summery ideas...so here I am today with a how to style colored short. I have recently bought those clothes that I'll show you later. When I got home I was very surprised to see that I could do many different looks with only one pair of shorts. I have decided to do this post to help out people who wants to wear color in their upcoming outfits but doesn't know how to style it.

**In those outfit I will show you how I style bright blue mini short**

The first outfit is definitely a bright and daring outfit to wear. I like the color blocking on this outfit. As you will see, I don't wear a lot of jewelry with bright color because I don't want it to look "too much".

In real life, the top is really a bright coral and I am wearing a black bandeau underneath because it is kind of sheer.

The key to this outfit is to wear three colors maximum. Example, I am wearing some bright blue short, a bright coral tank top and a black bandeau. In this case, you don't need a lot of accessories since you already have a lot going on with the bright colors.

This next outfit is a very casual outfit that you can wear during those more chilly nights. I think it is still very cute and it is comfy.

I wore a black bandeau underneath it for you to see that it is more sheer in the back. This is why I would probably wear a white or a colorful bandeau. Again I kept it simple in the accessories...

sorry for the blurry picture ;)

The key to this outfit is to wear a neutral top without a special thing to it. Example, my sweatshirt is more sheer at the back which make it unique. I wore some black KEDS to make it look even more casual.

This next and last outfit is a little bit more dressy but is still very casual. It is also somewhat different of what you see people wearing but I personally really like it...

 The blouse is in a very light peach color with little polka dots. I add a little bit more sparkles with those awesome bohemian style flip flop and with the jewelries and accessories that you can see below.

This outfit can be also very pretty if you put your shirt in your shorts and put on a brown/tan little skinny belt. You can wear a bandeau underneath if you feel good about it but for me it was a little bit too sheer so I just wore a white camisole.

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I hope you found that post helpful,

Isabelle -xxx-
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