Tuesday, June 4, 2013

♥ Starter kit - Makeup brushes ♥

heyy girls,
first of all I want to apologise for the size of my pictures in this post. I has some problems with them and I can't put them larger because they get blurry... Anyway, today I'm here to show you my essential brushes that I recommend to everyone who wants to begin with makeup...I've tried to pick inexpensive brushes but don't mind the brand if I don't point it out to you saying that I like their brushes ;) here is what they look like...

1) Foundation brush
If you wear foundation everyday, foundation brushes are a most! For beginners, I recommend the regular foundation brush like this one which is a flat type of brush...

2) Powder brush
If you have oily skin or you want to set your foundation with some powder or even just apply powder foundation I highly recommend you to get a powder brush. I like the Ecotools Powder brush that you can find online or at the drugstore for not much.

3) Blush brush
Blush brush is a most since it is made for you to put on some blush. Blush is very important in my opinion if you don't normally have rosy cheeks... I use this ELF Blush brush as a setting brush since it is too small but I totally recommend it if you have a smaller face :)

4) Blending brush
Seriously, if I have to choose only one eye makeup brush it would be a blending brush. Blending you eyeshadow is very important if you want a more natural and flawless finish... I love this Real Techniques blending eye brush. I use it also to put my highlight on my cheekbones...

5) Shader brush
This is an essentiel if you wear eyeshadow. Seriously I cannot live without this tool and I especially love this ELF Essential eye shader brush. It packs on the color so beautifuly...it is AMAZING! and..it is only 1$...

6)Crease Brush
This is optional since not everyone put eyeshadow in their crease but if you want to do a complete eye makeup look and you want it to look flawless this is also a must.... I like the ELF Essential Blending brush which is the perfect size to use as a crease brush AND it is only 1$...

7) Accent brush
I use those kind of brush to put a highlight in the inner corner but it can also be use to smudge out your eyeliner or but a color accent on your lower lash line... I also like this one from Real Techniques which is the accent brush. I also like the 1$ ELF Essential crease brush which is too small to be use in the crease...

8) Brow brush
The last essential brush is a brow brush. You eyebrows are so important! They frame your face and can make you look more polish even if you're only wearing mascara and lip balm... I like this brush from Real Techniques which is the brow brush....

9) Eyelash Curler
Even if you have naturally curled eyelashes....eyelash curler can make such a big difference in how awake you look. It just opens the eye and make it look more awake... I like this ELF 1$ eyelash curler...

ELF (Eyes lips face) (website)
Real Techniques (website)
Ecotools (website)
I hope it was helpful,
Isabelle -xxx-
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