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Maybelline Natural Shock MAC dupes? + eye makeup look

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recently I've watched a video on youtube about MAC dupes and Melmphs (beauty guru on youtube) said that the quad from Maybelline called Natural Shock contained 4 dupes for MAC eyeshadows so I had to get it. And I did. I went to the closest drugstore the same day and got the last quad. By the way this quad is limited edition so I highly recommend you to go to your local drugstore after reading this post ;)

Melmphs video if you want to see comparisons of the MAC eyeshadows with those from Maybelline (go at 07:45):

(left to right)
The pearly white color would be a dupe for MAC Phloof! eyeshadow.
The light rose gold color would be a dupe for MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow.
The copper color would be a dupe for MAC Sable eyeshadow.
The dark brown color is a dupe for MAC Corduroy eyeshadow.

Here are some swatches....

This part will be on this eye look that I did with the Maybelline Natural Shock quad. It is a more "girl's night out" look or you can even wear it to prom...

**I don't know why but my camera always take out some of the intensity of my look so keep in mind that this is a little bit more dramatic in real life**

1) Prime your eyelid with a primer. You want the eye makeup to last all night!

2) Apply the second color from the palette which is the light pinky beige (the dupes of All That Glitters) all over the lid.

3) Next, use the dupe for MAC Sable and but it lightly in the crease. Believe me, this color is SO pigmented! Also you can build up the intensity if you have darker skin.

4) Use the darker shade in the palette and put it in the outer V of your eye. Put some in the crease. Lightly though! Again, build up the intensity if you have darker skin.

5) Highlight you inner corner and your browbone with the first color of the palette.

6) Line your upper lash line with a brown pencil eyeliner.

 7) With a little brush take some of the darker color of the palette and smudge the brown eyeliner that you just put on your upper lash line.

8) Curl your lashes!

9) Apply a coat of a volumizing mascara to add even more glam to the look!

 Here is the final look :)

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