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Manicure Monday | Spring Inspiration

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I realised last night that I painted my nails a color that I've already shown here (Essie Under Where?), so I've decided today to show you something a little bit different than what I usualy do. I am going to show you Spring nail arts that I found on blogs and on Pinterest, and that I think is cute and easy to do. Easy. Yeah, you read it well. I want to share with you easy Spring nail arts because let's be honest, not everyone is super talented in nail art. I know that I'm not (but I wish I was). I can't be alone in my situation, right?

Ombre nails
I've never tried doing ombre nails before but it doesn't look that difficult... I mean I will surely missed my first tries but that's okay ;) I love this green to light blue ombre nails tough! 

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 Color blocking
Now, you might be thinking: "But Isabelle, I will never be able to acheive a perfect ombre nail art". Well, I thought about it and yes, there are easier nail arts that I can show you. So here it is: the color blocking nail art! You simply go over you current nailpolish with another color and TADAMM! You have your fabulous color blocking nail art. It's as easy as that.

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Please tell me that I'm not the only who thinks of Victoria Secrets when I look at this picture. I just thought it looked easy to recreate and so girly! I love it!

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Glitter accent nails 
Of course, you don't have to recreate this exact same look, you can only put a glittery top coat over one of your nails and you'll be good to go. I just love the chunky glitters over the glittery nailpolish. It just looks so classy and glam!

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Please tell me in the comment section which nail art you want me to recreate!
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