Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Haul | Spring Inspiration

heyy girls,

last weekend I went to the drugstore with one of my friends and I bought some stuff. It isn't much, but I was very excited about what I bought that day. I got a bunch of magazines and some beauty products. I hope you'll enjoy reading this quick post even though it's not very long and detailed...

The first beauty item that I got is the Pacific Blue nailpolish from Sally Handsen. It is just a beautiful true ocean blue color. It was also very inexpensive and I bought it because I've heard that those Xtreme Wear nailpolishes are amazing. Of course, their shade selection isn't as great as Essie, but it's okay.

Next, I finally bought the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15. I've already bought this product before, but in a darker shade that unfornately didn't match me most of the time (it was alright during the end of summer when I had a tan). I might do a review later if it ends up being my favorite concealer of all time ;)

I also discovered that my Pharmaprix now sells Essence products! I've never tried this brand before, but it is so inexpensive that I thought to myself: "Why not? It's like only 3$." So, I picked up this eyeshadow in a nude shade. I did try it earlier this week but it wasn't anything amazing that would replace my Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Then, I went a little crazy on the magazine section. Recently, I've really been more into fashion and fitness, so I got three magazines that were kind of related to those topics. The first one that I got is the Loulou magazine and it was the accessories special for Spring.

I also got the Self magazine because I've heard great things about it.  It is definitely more of a fitness magazine as you can see from the cover. 

Lastly, I got this kind of "losing weight" magazine. But I only took it because I found that there were great informations in it as for as health and fitness goes. I might do en entire post about health & fitness tips and tricks later next month, since "bikini season" is coming very soon!

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