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Fashion Friday | Prom Lookbook

heyy girls,

prom season is coming very soon where I leave and I decided to do an entire post dedicated to it. I don't know about you but I LOVE looking at prom dresses or just more formal dresses on Pinterest. For this post, I partnered up with the brand Bonobos to show you what type of suit your boyfriend could wear with the prom dress that you chose. I hope you'll find that post helpful and inspirational! By the way, all the dresses that I am going to show you today are on my Pinterest, you click here to have direct access. So, yeah...let's get started!

Prom Look #1
This first look is very fresh looking while still being glamorous at the same time. As you can see, the dress has some metallic pieces on the top section and it has some cut-outs as well. The bottom section (we'll call it that way because I don't know the terms for that section) is very flowy and soft with its very light pink color.

As for the suit go, I recommend going with a light color one, like this suit from Bonobos. Again, it goes very well with our fresh and young looking look that we're looking for. Of course, not everyone is daring enough to wear a cream color suit but I really think that this kind of color is perfect with pale color dresses. Also, I don't think that a black suit would be the best for complimenting that kind of dress.

Prom Look #2
For this second look, I went with something a little more simple for the dress. This A-line type of dress looks good on anyone and is very easy to accessorise since there isn't much details except for the fabric design on the top part of the dress. The sweetheart neckline is also very flattering for most women.

For the suit, I chose a dark navy one because I thought it would compliment the color of the dress best. I think it goes well with the blue toned green color of the dress, plus just take a minute to think about how handsome your boyfriend (or your crush) would look in this suit... But anyway, this suit is also from the brand Bonobos.

Prom Look #3
This last prom look is more classic and conventional. It's definitely what you see most on Prom night, but it doesn't mean that it is boring! For this look, I chose a light blue dress with the same A-line and the same sweetheart neckline as the dress from the previous look since everybody can rock that kind of dress. On the top part of the dress, there is a sparkly design that really accentuate your waist line (in a good way). 

As for the suit, I decided to choose something very classic that a lot of men can wear, and that most likely will go with a lot of dresses; a black tuxedo from the brand Bonobos.As you can see, it is very simple but it still looks great. It is definitely a safe choice if you have a dark color dress and you want something for your partner that will look great with your outfit. 

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