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Monday Challenge | Perfect Manicure

heyy girls,

what better than starting the week with a Monday Challenge? I know, I love it too ;) This week is all about nails. I've also decided to show you my top 5 favorite nailpolishes of all time. Let's get started!

What are the tools you use to accomplish a perfect manicure?
First tip that I can give is file your nails instead of clipping them. I've been doing this for the past month and I have seen improvements; my nails are definitely stronger.
What is your favorite nailpolish remover?
I've been using the Sally Handsen nailpolish remover since I can't even remember. It's just the product that my mom has been using for ever, and because of her I'm using it too. It does remove well your nailpolish, but isn't too harsh on your nails at the same time.

Do you have any nailcare products to recommend?
I don't really have cuticles oils or fancy stuff like that. The only thing that I could recommend is a good base coat that corresponds to your nails' needs.
Do you have any trick to help remove cuticles?
Not really. Maybe try to moisturize your hands more often.
What is your favorite base coat?
My favorite base coat at the moment is All in One Base by Essie. I bought at Winners at a discount price and it's probably the best deal I've ever made so far. I got it for 6 or 7 $CA and it retails for at least 10$CA at the drugstore. #proudofmyself

What is your favorite top coat?
I also got my favorite top coat from Winners at a discount price and if you've read my January 2014 favorites than you know which top coat I'm talking about... the famous Seche Vite Top Coat. This is the best top coat I've ever come across. It makes your nailpolish dry so quickly!

What are the products that you would recommend for a long-lasting manicure?
I would recommend the Seche Vite top coat because it locks your nailpolish in and makes it dry almost instantly. I would also recommend a good quality base coat or just a good base coat in general because this is what's going to protect your nails and will help your nailpolish to stay on longer.
 I've heard from MissGlamorazzi on Youtube in her January 2014 Favorites, that she recently discovered the base coat from Orly, and that it made a HUGE difference. I personally never tried it, but if I can put my hands on it I'll definitely give it a try and tell you all about it ;)

My Top 5 nailpolishes that I own (in no particular order):

1- OPI Kennebunk-Port
The perfect red nailpolish.

2- Nailtini Frappé
The perfect nude to wear on its own or to use for french manicure.

3- Essie Chinchilly
It is a beautiful taupe with purple undertones. Very unique color.

4- Essie Cute As A Button
This is the perfect bright pinky coral for summer. You need it in your collection. Trust me.

5- Essie Under Where?
Gorgeous pastel purple. Perfect for the spring time.

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