Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Challenge | All About Lipsticks

heyy girls,

on this wonderful Monday, I'm back with a Monday Challenge. Today is all about lipsticks and I'm very excited to show you what are my favorite lipsticks! I narrowed it down to a top 3, and let me tell you that it was difficult ;) It would be awesome if you could leave a comment telling me what are YOUR favorite lipsticks of the moment!

Do you wear lipstick? Never? Sometimes? Everyday?
First, I want to say that I consider lip butters as lipsticks, so in that case, I do wear lipstick "everyday". Of course, I don't wear it literally everyday because I don't even wear makeup every single day in a week.
What are your favorite shades? On the opposite side, what are the shades that you hate? or that you would never wear?
I love to wear pinks, nudes, pinky nudes. Basically, every shade that looks like "my lips but better" I LOVE. On the other side, I don't really like to wear bright colors.
What are your favorite consistency?
 I love lipsticks that are the lip butters kind. I love how smooth they glide on your lips and how moisturizing they are. I also like how matte lipsticks look on me, but sometimes they are too drying.

What are your favorite brands of lipsticks?
 I usually buy my lipsticks at the drugstore, so my favorite brands for lipsticks are Revlon, Maybelline and Covergirl. I don't own that many Revlon lipsticks because they are way more expensive than other lip products from other brands.
Do you prefer in a regular form? in a crayon form? or in a pot form?
 I prefer in a regular form or in a crayon form. I don't really mind because they are both easy to apply. I don't really enjoy lipsticks in a pot form though, because you have to bring a lip brush with you. I just think that the regular form and the crayon form is easier when you are on-the-go.
Do you switch your lipsticks depending on the season? the weather? or your mood?
 I do switch my lipsticks depending on the season. For example, when it gets cooler, like during Autumn and Winter, I usually wear darker colors. During Spring and Summer I wear more pinks and corals.
What are your favorite lipsticks? (Top 3) and which ones are on your wishlist?
 I don't have lipsticks on my wishlist... but here are my 3 favorite lipsticks!

1) EM Creamy Color Classic Lipstick
This shade doesn't look amazing on me, but I LOVE the formula of those lipsticks. So creamy and pigmented!
EM Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in Nude Lace

2) Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy
This shade is so gorgeous! I recommended it to a lot of my friends and they all love it!

Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy
3) Maybelline Color Whisper
They are very inexpensive, plus they are very moisturizing, while still having great pigmentation.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach
Do you use a lip brush to apply your lipstick? or do you apply it directly to your lips?
Never. Except if I really need precision with an extremely dark color. But usually I just put my lipstick directly on my lips.

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