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♡ Haul | What I Got For My 17th Birthday Part 1 ♡

Heyy girls,

On my birthday I went shopping at Montreal. In reality, this isn't a "what I got for my birthday" post. But this is more of a "what I bought to myself for my birthday", March 5th. I turned 17 years old, and I can't believe it. It feels like the years went by so fast! But anyway, I am going to do a part 2 to this post because today I'll only show you what I bought to myself. On the second part though I'll show you what my friends and family got me for my birthday. *Disclaimer* I don't do this to show off what I got. I only do post like that because I enjoy reading them (or watching them on Youtube), and it wasn't necessary to my friends and family to give me gifts; this is why I am thankful for everything that I got.

One the store that I was the most excited to buy stuff from is the Inglot boutique. I didn't know that we had Inglot stores in Canada, especially not in Montreal. So, I was very excited when I saw it. The products that I bought are three eyeshadows. The first eyeshadow that I got is the color 351 which is a matte cream. Then, I got the color 395, a satin champagne. And finally, I bought the color 423 which is a purple-brown with a satin finish. They came in a pan form and you can buy a palette to put them in, or you can put them in an empty palette that you already own. I got the palette with a wide mirror and a double-handed sponge tip applicator because they were having a deal; 3 eyeshadows plus an empty palette for 29$CA.

I also went to Forever 21. I was looking for a dress to wear on my Graduation day in June, unfortunately I found nothing. But I found some cute pyjama sets! They were only 15$CA each. So the first one that I got is this cute grey tank top with a cat on it, with an hot pink pair of shorts.

Then, I bought this white T-shirt with a coffee mug on it that says "coffee is my lover", with a light pink pair of shorts with coffee mugs printed on it.

The last store for today's post is a Korean Cosmetics Store. It is called C&C Korean Cosmetics and I think that they only have stores in Montreal. But I know that they have a website if you're interested into buying Korean beauty products.

So, I bought a pack of false eyelashes. Yep. It happened. To be honest, I never thought that I would buy false eyelashes one day because I already have long lashes, but I needed some for my Prom in June. I love how natural looking they are even thought they are very long and somewhat dramatic. I think that it's the fact that they have a clear band instead of a black band like most false eyelashes have. It is from the brand ASA. I can't read Korean so I don't know what's the style of these...

My dry skin has been worst than ever around this time of year and I thought to myself: "Why not trying moisturizing facial masks?" And they were inexpensive. That being said, I couldn't resist... I got two of them; the Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask and the Collagen Moistfull mask sheet by Etude House.

I got an eyelash curler from Missha for no reason; I just really wanted a new one.

I should of put this picture immediately after the false eyelashes... but anyway, I got this eyelash glue from the brand Darkness. Pretty self-explanatory, I don't think I need to elaborate more on the subject.

And finally, the last thing that I bought for this first part of this haul is an hand cream. To be honest, I couldn't resist to how cute the packaging is. And it smells just like peaches. It is AMAZING. Again, very inexpensive, but very creamy and thick. Perfect hand cream to use during the winter time.

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