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★ TAG: Liebster Awards ★

heyy girls,

today I am going to do a tag called Liebster Award. I was tagged by Maquillage-cette-addiction which is a beauty blogger.I don't know much about this tag since I've never heard much of it but basically this tag will help you guys to know more about me and at the same time you will be able to discover new bloggers. I'll explain myself...

Long story short, I answer 11 questions from the girl who tagged me. After I write 11 questions that will be answered (hopefully) by 11 bloggers that I will be tagging at the end...Let's begin!

1- Where would you like to go on vacation if you had no budget ?
I would love to go to Europe and Japan. I've never been on the other side of the ocean before. I hope I will be able to travel there one day :)

 2- Your favorite shop for fashion and your favorite shop for beauty?
If you look into my wardrobe you will probably see that I have a lot of cloth coming from the store Dynamite which I think you can only find in Canada. For beauty, I like Sephora (a lot, it's kind of an addiction) and I sometimes go to MAC, but Sephora is my favorite store for beauty.

 3- Which transportation do you prefer?
I prefer using the car but since I don't have a car and neither my driving license I usually use the bus or my bike to go where I want to go. Let's be go shopping ;)

 4- Do you prefer the South or the North of France?
I've never been to France before. I would love to visit both south and north. 

 5- Your favorite hair accessory?
 I love to use bobepines because I feel like you can do so many looks with it! You can do buns, half-updo or just pin back you hair...I mean I think hair ties are great too...

 6- Your favorite country?
I haven't travel a lot at this point of my life. I've been to the USA and I LOVED it! I guess I would say that my favorite country at this point is the USA...and Canada ;)

 7- Your favorite jewelry?
 I am not big on jewelry but I always wear the same necklace daily which is my heart necklace that you might have seen before in an outfit of the day. I like it because it goes with everything :)

 8- The makeup item that you dislike the most?
 I don't know...maybe my L'Oreal Magic BB cream.. I sincerely don't know...

 9- If you were to create an association, what would be its cause?
 I think I would create an association to help young girls feeling more confident about themselves and help them gain more self-estime ;)

 10- What are the 3 things you would save if you're house was on fire?
 **Let's pretend that I have my cell phone on me because I always have my phone on me no matter what ;) **
1) my computer
2) my makeup (of course) that I mean EVERYTHING ;)
3) my camera

 11- Your favorite movie or TV show?
 Unfortunately, I don't have a favorite movie but I have a lot of TV shows that I love ...
- Pretty Little Liars
- Hart of Dixie
- Supernatural
- Vampire Diaries
- Lost (I know the show is over but it was SO good)
- The Walking Dead
- The Carrie Diaries
- 90210 (sadly it is over)
- Game of Thrones
- Bones
- and more...
As you can see I love TV shows and when I'm done with one I HAVE to find another one...
Here are my 11 questions...
1) What product do you always have to have with you no matter what?
2) Do you blow-dry your hair?
3) How many times do you go to the hairdresser in a year?
4) Do you have color treated hair? If so, what is your natural hair color?
5) Would you like to visit Canada one day?
6) Which season de you prefer and why?
7) Give us one beauty or fashion tip.
8) Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
9) What is your favorite book of the moment?
10) What is your favorite color?
11) What is your favorite inspirational quote?
I tag:
- Leoncechenal
- Camille_makeup
- Cha_99
- Makeup intage01
- Peps nails
**I know I didn't tag 11 people but I don't know a lot of beauty blogger since I'm always watching beauty videos on youtube (shocking...I know...especially since I'm a beauty blogger...#sorrynotsorry)
I hope you enjoyed reading this post,
Isabelle -xxx-
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