Saturday, August 17, 2013

🏫 Back to School : Easy Bun + DIY 🏫

Heyy girls,

Today is the last post of my Back-to-School series. I'll show you how to achieve a quick and easy ballerina bun. I'll also show you how to create the hair donut that we'll need for this tutorial.

DIY Hair Donut

First you want to take a sock that is close to your hair color or a light colored one if you have light hair, or a dark colored one if you have dark hair.

Next, cut the toe part. Your sock should now look like a tube.

Roll up the sock until you get a perfectly shaped donut.

** If you want your bun to be more voluminous, repeat the first two steps and roll up the second tube around the donut that you've created earlier.


1) Brush out your hair to remove any tangles.

2) Put your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

3) Pull your hair by the end like this...

4) Put the hair donut at the very end of your hair. Begin to roll down the donut.

5) Make sure that there are no bold spot where you could see the donut.
6) Secure the bun with some bobepins if you feel the need to.

**You can definitely make it look more polished but I like the look of a messy bun ;)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and DIY,

Isabelle -xxx-
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