Tuesday, July 30, 2013

♥ July 2013 Favorites ♥

heyy girls,

I can't believe that July is already gone! It's crazy! That means that school is coming soon...oh well! Anyway, today I'm here to present you the products that I've been loving during the month of July. This month I have makeup and fashion favorites! I also have an unfavorite of the month...and a little story (not really) that comes with it ;)

**I also have a website that I've been obsessed with to show you (it isn't sponsored)** 

My first favorite of the month is my Pink Sugar perfume. I LOVE this scent. It is a very sweet scent that smells just like vanilla :)

If you read my last "Product I've used up" post, you know that I've finished my Elizabeth Arden eye makeup remover. So I had to use another one and here it is... Marcelle Essentials Gentle Make-up remover. It doesn't irritate my eyes like the Elizabeth Arden one and it removes my eye makeup somewhat easily. Of course, it isn't as good as the other one but it is a cheaper alternative ;)

A couple of months ago, I purchased this Maybelline Fit me concealer in 10. I thought that this was the lightest shade. Unfortunately, it wasn't. At that time it was way too orange and dark for me. Since it is summer and I am tan now (not really), it fits me! Yeah! I've been loving this product for my under eye circles. It's very light and it blends easily.

My next favorite for July is this nailpolish that I got in my Ipsy bag. It is Mai Tai by Nailtini. I LOVE Nailtini nailpolishes. The brush is big enough that you can do an entire nail with one swipe. The pigmentation is great, as usual, and it stays on for a long time.

I don't know if I've ever talked to you about those Covergirl Naturelux gloss balms but I love how moisturizing they are. It also gives a good amount of color on your lips. I've been loving this gloss balm in the color 205 Tulip. It's also great for the summer time since it contains SPF 15.

I also I've been loving this Revlon Lip Butter in the color Strawberry Shortcake. It is, again, a very moisturizing lip product. I just think that those Lip Butters are perfect for summer since you don't want to wear heavy makeup. It feels very light on the lips and the color is buildable.

I've also been loving another product that came in my Ipsy bag which is the Coola Face moisturizer SPF 20. I use this as my everyday moisturizer and I LOVE it! Seriously, this stuff is amazing as a moisturizer. It leaves your skin so soft and it protects it from the sun as the same time. I'm glad I got to try out this product!

The last thing the I've been loving this month is this hair elastic from Sephora. I wear it everyday as a bracelet but when I want to put my hair up I just use it for this purpose.

The Unfavorite of July 2013

A week ago, I put my sunglasses case on my nightstand. I let it there for a couple of days and one night I decided to put it back in my purse. When I tried to grab it, I realized that it was kind of glued on my nightstand. I pulled it harder and it came off. I put it in my purse and when I came back, I saw that it had made a big hot pink stain on my white nightstand. I was PISSED OFF. Later, my dad removed the stain with a little bit of nailpolish remover but let me tell you that I will NEVER EVER buy a sunglasses case from Bizou again. So, I don't like this case because of the poor quality...

Website that I've been obsessed with!

This month, I've been obsessed with the website Swagbucks! Basically, this website is a website where you answered polls to get points. With those points, you can buy Sephora gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Paypal, Amazon, etc... I think it is international and it is very easy to accumulate points. It is free and you can subscribe here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,

Isabelle -xxx-
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  1. awesome favorites! Strawberry Shortcake seems like a lovely color