Monday, January 20, 2014

♥ Monday Challenge: Body Hydration ♥

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I recently discovered a beauty blogger named My Beauty and she does weekly challenge on her blog. I thought it was a cool idea so I've decided to do Monday Challenges starting today. This week challenge is all about the body hydration. Here are the questions that comes with today's challenge...

Do you hydrate your entire body, or only certain parts? (elbows, knees)
I only hydrate certain parts of my body, like my legs and my arms. I usually go for the areas on my body that I feel like I need to moisturize.
Do you hydrate everyday, sometimes, never?
I have a confession to make...I don't moisturize everyday. To be honest, I moisturize when I feel like my skin is dry or when I remember to. I know that I should be moisturizing every singe day, but I'm working on it!
What are your favorite textures? Oil, milk, butter, cream?
I love thick moisturizer, so for me the body butter's consistency is perfect. I do like cream formulas too, but the buttery texture is definitely my favorite. I don't really mind oils, but I can't stand the moisturizing milk.
The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
 Which packaging do you like the best? Jar, with a pump, tube, spray?
I do prefer with a pump, but I really don't mind a good old squeezing tube of lotion. I've never tried a spray form though. Maybe I'll buy one of those spray lotion and try it to see if it can make me save THAT much time...You know what I'm talking about if you've seen the Vaseline's commercial for their Spray & Go body lotions.
What are your favorite scents? discreet or strong? fruity or floral? exotic or classic? Or do you prefer non-fragranced moisturizer?
I prefer discreet scents rather than very strong ones. I don't have a preference between fruity and floral, but in my opinion fruity is a safe choice. I do usually go for more classical scents. Since I have sensitive skin, non-fragranced moisturizer is what I should use, but I do prefer fragranced moisturizer. (I like smelling good :D )
I love the scent Sweet Pea Body Lotion by Bath and Body Works!

This product from the Body Shop smells divine!
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