Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Challenge | All About Purses + My Purse Essentials

heyy girls,

I'm back today with another Monday Challenge. I hope you're enjoying them so far, because I know I am ;) This week's challenge is all about purses and I've decided to also show you my Top 5 purse essentials...
Do you prefer big purses or small ones?
I do usually go for bigger purses because I feel like I can put everything that I need in them. I also like how they look on me.
Do you change your purse regularly? Or do you use it until it's completely worn off before changing it?
I definitely don't change my purse regularly. I will wait until my purse is completely ruined or until I find another purse before changing it.
What purse is your favorite?
I haven't found my dream purse yet or a purse that I'm madly in love with... I'm on the hunt for one so leave me comments telling me your favorite purse :)
What are your dream purses?
Every night I dream of buying a Michael Kors Large Selma Top-Zip Satchel or some kind of a structured purse like this one. Since dream purses aren't supposed to be affordable, I'm going to continue with another purse that I think looks amazing; it is the Raspail MM from Louis Vuitton.

Do you match your purse with your outfit? With your shoes? Or you don't really care?
 I try to make it work with my outfit, but I mostly have neutral purses so they do go well with everything. I don't really try that hard though...

Do you prefer buying one expensive purse or many inexpensive ones?
 Definitely, one expensive purse because like I said earlier, I don't really changed up my purse often and I usually use the crap out of it before moving on to another one. And I feel like nicer purses last me longer that cheaper ones.
How do you store your purses? In a closet? In a piece of furniture in particular?
I put them in my closet. I usually put all my purses that are made in fabric in a big bag, and the other ones I put them on a shelf at the top of my closet.

My Top 5 purse essentials in no particular order

1) Lip Balm
One of my favorite lip balms is the Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm.

2) Cleansing wipes
These are very handy when you go to the drugstore or at a Sephora/ MAC counter. Because let's be real, who haven't wished that they had makeup remover wipes with them when they came out and realized how FULL of swatches their hands were. I surely did wished it too much times already.

3) Hand cream
I am currently using this hand cream by the brand St Ives. It's not the best, but it does what it's supposed to do.

4) Travel sized perfume
Having any kind of small sized perfume with you is always practical if you ever need to refresh yourself, or if you just want to smell good. You can ask for them at Sephora as a sample. You can also buy little perfume containers, like the brand Travelo does, and fill them up with your favorite perfumes.

5) Hand sanitizer
These are my life savers. I always have hand sanitizer with me.

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