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♥ Ipsy Bag: December 2013 + Leave me suggestions! ♥

heyy girls,

I totally forgot to show you what I got in my December 2013 Ipsy bag! So as you can tell by the title, I'll show you today what was in my December Ipsy Bag.

Please leave me suggestions of what you would like me to do next because I don't really know what else to do then showing you what I got in my Ipsy Bag, and I know that some of you would want to see something different. So, just leave me suggestions and EVERY suggestion is a good idea. That being said, don't be afraid to leave me comments I read ALL of them and love when you do ;)

**I want to apologize for the pictures' quality. I had some trouble with my camera and I definitely need a new one, but they are SO expensive...

The first item that I got in this month's bag is this nailpolish from Nicka K. I can't find the name of the color but I've taken a picture of the sticker underneath the nailpolish so you can find something that could help you with the name, because I have no clue. It is a very pretty taupe with mauve reflects. It's very different than what I've seen before. I like the color a lot.

Next, unfortunately, I got a multi-task cream product from Be a Bombshell. I really dislike this brand so far. Also, Ipsy always gives me the bright red color every single time. Like I said before, this kind of color looks very cheap and clowny on me. Not very pumped about this product...but we'll see...

When I opened the little bag the first thing that I saw was this Mirabella Eye Blender Brush. I was very happy about this tool but not so happy about how they tried to fit this brush into the bag. The pouch was clearly to small for it and it did damaged the bristles of the blending brush. But overall, I'm very excited about this new tool and I have to say that it does work wonderful.

Guess what?! I got a wearable eyeshadow trio. Yeah! I'm so happy that I finally got something that I could use everyday and not only when I go out at night. I forgot the name of this trio but you can go on Pop Beauty's website to find out.

The last product that I got in my December's bag was this lipstick from NYX in the color Fusion. I'm very excited to try this product because I've heard so many greats things about it. Plus, the color is perfect for the Spring and Summer time. You can easily build up the intensity or wear it sheer on the lips.

Don't get me wrong, I love experimenting with makeup but sometimes I wish subscription services would give me wearable colors for me to really try out the product, because to be honest, they are a lot of products that I've only used once because the color was too crazy. It is unfortunate because if I don't wear the product first I feel like I've wasted my money, and second I can't have an accurate opinion about the product.
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