Tuesday, September 3, 2013

πŸ‘œ Haul Feat. Lush πŸ‘œ

heyy girls

I know what you are probably thinking right now..."Another haul!?" Some of you may be excited and some of you might just be exasperated by my lack of self-control. Well, I have no excuse. I have to confess that I am now addicted to Lush and I kind of want to try every single thing that they sell but that's another story ;) Here is what I got when I went to Lush for the second time in one week...

The first thing that I bought is Stepping Stones which is a foot scrub. It was very inexpensive and I've wanted to try this product for a couple of weeks now. I'm excited to see if it will do its job well ;) Let me know if you want a review!

Next thing that I got is the American Cream. It is one of their most popular conditioner and I've read good things about it. I got the smallest bottle since I wanted to try the product first before purchasing the full size.

I also got their famous soap called Honey, I washed the kids!. I just got a little chunk of it. I hope it is as good as everyone is saying ;) It smells good though!

Since I don't want my soap to melt into the shower, I picked up this Body Butter Tin to put my new soap in it. It is very nice for traveling or just to keep in your shower ;)

The lady, who was the same that I met in my last haul, did recognize me and she kindly gave me two samples. I first got the I Love Juicy shampoo. She told me that it is good to control oils and that it helps your hair looking more clean on the second day.

The second and last sample that I got is the Fair Trade Foot Lotion. Since I got the foot scrub I decided the I needed a good foot cream to moisturize my feet after using the Stepping Stones. I love how the samples that they give because it is always a good "deluxe size" as I like to say.
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  1. Yay Lush!!! :D I am obsessed with Lush, and I actually just started a FB group called Lush Cosmetics Lovers so I can chat to other people about it. If you have FB and would like another person to discuss Lush with, you should join!! :D

    Stepping Stone is so cute!! XD I love Honey I Washed the Kids, it smells so gooood!! :D

    1. You should create a Twitter Account too! I don't have a Facebook account for my blog. If you create a Twitter I would be able to follow you, even talk to you and share tweets ;)I know Stepping Stone is SO cute! I almost don't want to use it ;) -xxx- If you create a Twitter account don't forget to tweet me about it! My Twitter: @MissBeauty4all