Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Tip: How to shape your eyebrows!

heyy girls,

I know it can be hard sometimes to know how to shape your eyebrows when it comes to plug them. Here is a little tip for all of you who wants to plug them at home and don't know where to start...

First you don't want to over plug your eyebrows. You want to plug the hair that is out of your eyebrow natural shape. The reason why you shouldn't over plug them is that they can become sparse.

If you don't know where your eyebrow should start take a pencil or a makeup brush. Put the barrel on the side of your nose in the same position as the line A on the plan below. This is where you eyebrow should start. Everything that isn't in the "area" that you just created have to be plug. So if you refer to the picture everything that is at the left of the line A should be plug.

Do the same technique to see where the higher point of your arch should be. Follow the line B. Use the same barrel. Start at the side of your nose and align it with the center of your eye when you look straight in front of you. This is where your arch should be.

Again, if you don't know where you eyebrow should stop follow the line C. Take your barrel and put it on the side of your nose align it with the end of your eye. If you look at the plan, everything that is below the line C have to be plug.

**The barrel must start at the same place on the side of your nose for each line A, B and C**
I hope it was helpful!
Isabelle -xxx-

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