Friday, March 29, 2013

Organization Tips!

heyy girls,

I know sometimes it can be hard to organize your makeup or your products that you use everyday. Today, I've decided to give you some tips and storage ideas...

My first storage tips for you guys is putting things that you use every day in a little basket. I recommend putting hair and body products in the basket. Exemple, I put my Bioderma, makeup sponges, coton rounds, nail polish remover, eye makeup remover and hair heat protectant in the same basket, that way I have an easy reach to those products. You can buy those little baskets at the dollar store or anywhere you can buy decor stuff ;-)

Here is a little orgazination idea. This is in what I organize my makeup. I got this drawer from IKEA. I like it because there are many drawers and it doesn't take much place in the room.

Before I found out about this tip my lip drawer was really messy but now it is all organized because of the system that I came out with. So I used a little box that I got from the dollar store. I used the box itself and the lid to organize my lipsticks, lipbalms, etc...
These aren't all of my lip products. Some of them were in purse or somewhere else!
The other day, I found this little plastic box which came with a watch in it that I received a couple of years ago for christmas. I cleaned the box and put some coton rounds and Q-tips in it. Really you can do that with any little box that you have at home. It doesn't cost much and it does the trick :)

Since I don't have a jewelry holder I keep them all in little boxes or pouches. I also keep those jewelry in little boxes.

Use a pencil metal holder to put your brushes in. Mine is from the dollar store and it is super convenient. You can use any pencil holder you have at home.

This isn't my entire makeup brushes collection. All my other brushes were packed in my bags to go to my dad's.
As you can see I love organizing my stuff in boxes and in inexpensive storage :)

I hope you found it helpful,

Isabelle -xxx-
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