Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Impression: Benefit They're Real! Mascara

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a few month back I received in my Ipsy bag a mini size of Benefit They're Real! mascara.  I don't know why I haven't tried it sooner but anyway...today I'm here with a review of this mascara. I have to say that I've heard a lot of beauty guru raved about it so I had high hopes for that product.

The brush

First thing I want to mention about this mascara is how amazing the brush is. I think that it is awesome that they thought of putting "bristles" at the end of it. That way it is easier to reach those lashes at the outer corner AND those bottom lashes that we often forget. Here is a picture of what I mean because I know it's not clear :)

The formula

It is a wet formula but it's not wet at the point where your lashes clump together. Be careful with the tip of the brush because it can distribute more product then what you were thinking. Make sure to remove the excess and everything should be fine. I personally liked the formula because you don't have to wait a thousand years before your lashes dry completely.

Before & After

top to bottom: no mascara, mascara, mascara. (1 coat only)
Other info
You can buy Benefit They're Real! Mascara at Sephora for 29$ or you can buy a mini size of it for 12$.
My first thought
I like that mascara and I think it does an awesome job at giving me length and volume. I'm very surprised that I liked this mascara immediately because usually I hate mascara when I first try them. BUT I'm not sure if I will be purchasing a full-size bottle of it because of the price...
Tell me in the comments what is your favorite mascara of all time!
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