Tuesday, February 19, 2013

An easy way to save money!

heyy girls,

today I'm here with a very interesting post. What if you could save money? Recently I've discovered a way to save a little bit of money by using something awesome. I'm so happy that I discovered that product because now with the money that saved I'll be able to spend more on makeup and other things that I love. AND it's good for the environment!

**First I want to say that this isn't sponsored and that I'm not paid to promoted that product.**
They did send me that product and I have to say that I felt instantly in love with it, this is why I decided to do a post about it. **This is all my personal opinion**

The amazing product that I've been using is washable cosmetic pads that you remove your makeup with. They are from a french company called Les Tendances d'Emma. Basically all you have to do is pour some makeup remover on the cosmetic pad and remove your makeup with it. What is great about it is that it's washable so you can reuse them 4500 to 6000 times per kit. So 300 uses per cotton pads.

Top to bottom: Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Biological cotton
As you can see I got three different types of pads. I have pads made of three different materials: Eucalyptus, bamboo and biological cotton. What I like about the materials is that they are very good quality and sooo soft especially the eucalyptus material.

But what is AMAZING about them is that you can save 240 to 335$ on disposable cosmetic pads. Let's take a minute to think about all of those things that you can do with that money...

I think I got a Kit called Kit Eco Belle Bois which contains 15 cosmetic pads + 1 storage box  + 1 net for used pads. This kit retails for 34$. I think it is great that they give a plain box because that way you can customize it to match your room. Also it doesn't take much space which is always a plus!

There are so much kit that you can choose from! If you're not sure about it you can buy the Kit Eco Test and test out 3 cosmetic pads for 7$. They also sell a pack of 10 cosmetic pads for 20$.

Also what is great about this particular brand is that you put your used cosmetic pads in the storage net and when you need to wash them you put the net in the washing machine with your cloths. It doesn't matter if you wash them with colored cloths. I tried to wash them with cold water but it didn't work. Actually it only worked with the biological cotton pad (the yellow one)...I highly recommend using hot water...

Here is some information for the washing process
I've tried them for more than a week now and I'm very happy with the result. I love the fact that the material is soft because I have sensitive skin and for me it has always been a problem when it comes to remove makeup. I'm thinking that I might use those to remove my face makeup as well... They look small on the pictures but in fact they are 10 cm per 10 cm which is a good size I think. I use one pad for both my eyes.
Here is what they look like after I remove my eye makeup with them.

left to right: biological cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo

Here is what they look like after I wash them.

left to right: biological cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo
**they weren't completely dry. This is why the yellow material looks weird**

Thank you to Les Tendances d'Emma for sending me this kit. I really appreciate it!

Tell me in the comments if you think it is a great way to save money!
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  1. Coucou, est ce que tu pourrais faire une revue sur la "building base coat mascara" de Kiko ?
    J'aimerais avoir ton avis :)

    PS: je suis la fille qui t'ai demander la revue sur la Naked 1. (La prochaine fois je signerai "Camille" au lieu d'écrire tout ça) ^^

    1. Coucou Camille! Je vais essayer de me procurer ce produit via internet puisque j'habite au Canada et nous n'avons pas de Kiko je crois. Donc, je t'en redonne des nouvelles! Tu peux me suivre sur hellocoton.fr pour rester en contact avec moi :)http://www.hellocoton.fr/mapage/beautyandfashion4all
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  2. Wow this is amazing! I really like the concept and you made me want to try that product now...

    Amazing job keep up the good work :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you -xxx-