Thursday, December 27, 2012

OOTD: Chrismas Day

heyy girls,

I know this is a little late but I didn't have the time to publish it. So here is my outfit  of the day for chrismas day. I really love it and I think it was perfect for this occasion. I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe it will give you some outfit inspiration for next Christmas...

sorry for the blurry camera didn't want to focus :)

I'm wearing a red dress with lace and croché details. I don't think you can see those details in the photo. I got this dress from Dynamite. I tried to find the same dress on the site but it wasn't there. I bought this dress for 48$C. I also wear black tights that I got from Simons. On the picture, I wear black heels from Globo and they are by the brand K STUDIO. Those heels were 49.99$. I'm not wearing any jewelry except for my heart necklace that I wear everyday. I got this necklace as a chrismas present a couple of years ago.

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have a nice Holiday,

Isabelle -xxx-


  1. Yeah you did it like I told you to :) Haven't got a chance to wear my Christmas outfit yet because I was sick :( Maybe on New Year's day because I'm having a late Christmas party :) haha nice picture ;P Focus camera focus! Haha just joking! XD <3

    1. haha thank you for the idea and I hope you'll get better :) thank you for the support I really appreciate it <3