Friday, December 7, 2012

Haul: B&BW and Walmart

heyyy girls,
Recently I went with my friends at the mall and I got a little crazy, but that's okay. I won't be shopping for a while anyway. So first I went to Bath and Body Works and I bought A LOT of stuffs...

I got two candles because they were having a 2 for 30$ sale. Originally they are 20$ each so I thought it was the right moment to stock up on christmas candles ;)
The first candle I got was the Winter Candy Apple wich is a blend of candied apples and spices orange zest, with a touch of winter musk. I also got the Mahogany Teakwood wich is a fine woods fragrances of mahogany, cedarwood and oak with lavender and geranium notes. This one smells just like an abercrombie & fitch store! Those are 3-wick candles and the burn 30 to 45 hours. Bath and Body Works also had their 3 for 5$ hand sanitizer gel. I got three of them in warm vanilla sugar, paris amour and midnight pomegranate. Also, when I was waiting in line I decided to take a pink lufa and a mini country chic parfum. 

left to right: warm vanilla sugar, paris amour and midnight pomegranate

Next store I went was Walmart. I went there because it's the only place where I can find Wet & Wild products. I got the Wet & Wild eyeshadow trio in Sweet as Candy. I like their eyeshadows because they are very pigmented and very cheap. It cost me 2.97$ wich is very inexpensive. I highly recommend those eyeshadows ;)

Sweet as candy eyeshadow trio
I also picked up a nailpolish from the new Essie winter collection, a Revlon lip butter and a Maybelline baby lips. The nailpolish is called Where's my chauffer. It cost around 8-9$, it depends on where you get them. The color of the Revlon lip butter is in Strawberry Shortcake wich is a pretty baby pink color. It cost around 7$, again it depends where you get them. I got the baby lips in Quench wich is juste a clear color just like regular lip balm. I got it for 3.76$.
left to right: Baby lips in Quench, Revlon lip butter in Strawberry shortcake
and Essie Where's my chauffer
Essie Where's my chauffer nailpolish
Here is a swatch of the Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake

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I hope you enjoyed it,
Isabelle -xxx-

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