Friday, December 21, 2012

Nail of the week: Candy cane feat. Sally Hansen Rapid Red

heyy girls,

this week I've been trying christmas theme nails. I did a candy cane pattern on the thumb. It was so simple and I think that anyone can do this. Here is the list of products you need if you want to try out the candy cane pattern...

What you will need:
- Base coat
- Red nailpolish
-White nailpolish
-Scotch tape
-Top coat

First thing you want to do is to paint your nails with the base coat. That way, they can be protected from the other nailpolish. I used Revlon Quick Dry base coat.

After everything is dry, you paint all your nails with the red nailpolish. I used the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 280 Rapid Red. Again, when everything is dry take a little piece of scotch tape and cut it in strips. You want to have strips of tape that are all equals. Those pieces will protect the red nailpolish from the white one that we will put on top.
Put your strips in diagonal on whatever nail you prefer. I chose the thumb.
After it's done you only have to paint in the spaces where there aren't scotch tape with the white nailpolish. I used Sally Hansen French Manicure White Tip Pen in the fine tip size.
The next step is very important if you want your manicure to last. Put a top coat. I used the MAVALA top coat.

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I hope you enjoyed this nail of the week/tutorial,

Isabelle -xxx-

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