Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Impressions | Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

heyy girls,

today I'm here with my first impressions on the Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream. I bought this hand cream the other day when I went to the drugstore. I got it for 10$CA. The drugstore that I went is different though because it carries high-end brands like Benefit, Stila and Lancôme. But usually, you can buy this product at Sephora

How does it feel on the skin?
It feels good! No, but seriously it doesn't feel to heavy. Neither does it leave you with a greasy residue on your hand. It also dries very quickly which is awesome to me because I hate waiting for a cream to absorb into my skin (okay, maybe it's also because I always forget to wait and the cream goes on everything that I touch).

What is the consistency?
It is definitely a thicker hand cream than what you usually see at the drugstore (for example the St-Ives hand creams). Although it isn't as thick and rich as the The Body Shop Body Butter, I would still put it in the rich-and-thick-hand-cream-perfect-for-winter category.

Is it moisturizing enough?
YES! Perfect for the winter time or if you have very dry hands.

What's the smell of it? Does it smell good?
Oh my goshhh...the smell life. Seriously if Soap & Glory had a perfume in the same scent as the Hand Food (do they?) I would be the first to buy it. It literally smells like a sophisticated candy shop. Okay, I'll try a better description... It's a mix of floral and sweet but not overly sweet. Okay, I failed. All I can say is: Go smell it!

Would I recommend it?
First, I have to admit that I was very sceptic about this product. I've heard a ton of people raving about the Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream but I've never thought it could be life-changing. Well, I was wrong. To be quite honest, I've never seen (or felt) a product like this before. 

It is so moisturizing while still being non-greasy and it absorbs into the skin so fast! You also don't need a lot of product to really feel the difference. I've tried many different hand creams in the past (from american brands to korean brands) and I can say that I've never been so excited to put hand cream on my hands. And the smell...Oh my God! So amazing! 

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