Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Manicure Monday | Blue Ocean

Heyy girls,

Even though it isn't Monday anymore I decided to share with you the nailpolish that I've been wearing this week. Actually, I didn't think that I would be posting one Manicure Monday because I've just started a new job where I can't wear nailpolish (I know it's sad). Plus I have to keep my nails shorter than what I usually do. Let me tell you that I already miss my long nails. But I finally had the time to paint my nails on Sunday. And the color that I chose is... Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nailpolish in Pacific Blue. A color that I recently added to my collection.

And you might be thinking now: "Not another blue nailpolish!" But this one is magic I promess! Okay, maybe not magic but it's close to in my opinion. 

It is just the perfect deep bright blue nailpolish. It reminds me of Essie Butler Please but in a more opaque formula (and at a cheaper price). I did two coats but I could of easily done only one. I used the same All In One Base from Essie, as usual, and the same top coat; Seche Vite Top Coat.

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  2. Wow that is a really intense blue! I have been thinking of picking up some sally hansen polishes so its good to hear they are pretty opaque! Sorry you can't wear polish at your new job! That must be a real bummer!

    Visiting from http://dontpanicluna.blogspot.com/ ^^ <3

    1. You should try them! So far I've really enjoyed the formula. Yeah it is definitely a bummer but I'll continue wearing nailpolish outside of my job ;) xox