Sunday, October 13, 2013

♥ September favorites ♥

Heyy girls,

this month has gone by very quickly and it is (again) that time of the month where I present to you the products that I've been loving through the entire month of September.

To be honest with you, I don't have new things that I've been loving, only things that you've seen in the past. But I thought I'd showed you anyway since I personally love to know what others have been loving. For me, if a product came up many times through the monthly favorites, it means that it is THAT good of a product. So here are my favorites for this past month...
 The first thing that I've been loving doing this month is quick makeup look. This month I have been crazy busy with school and simple makeup has been my go-to look. For an example I've been concealing my under eye circles from my lack of sleep with my Garnier Roll-On concealer in light to medium. Next I used my Naked Basics (almost everyday) since I had every color that I needed to do a simple eye makeup look and to fill in my brows. So I've basically been wearing W.O.S on my lid, Naked 2 in the crease, Faint on the outer corner when I felt fancy and Naked 2 to fill in my brows. Mascara. Lip balm. Of course. Maybe some powder when I felt like I needed it. That's it. 
My next favorite has been my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (I did a review here). As you know the weather is changing, leaves are coming down from the trees, the air is getting colder, everyone is sick already and as a matter of fact, your skin is getting dryer and dryer and dryer. Well, I discovered a nice face moisturizer from the brand First Aid Beauty and if you want to know what I think about it I suggest you to read my review ;)
As usual I've been loving my hair tie made of fabric from Sephora that as you can see is getting very disgusting but don't worry I have a backup!

Another "thing" that I've been loving this month isn't a product or an is a youtuber! This month, I've really been into working out and getting healthier and I started watching Blogilates video. Her name is Cassey and she is a pilate's instructor, on her channel she post a lot of workout routine video and healthy recipes. She also has a blog where she has even more stuff about health and fitness, and she also has a free app that I've been obsessed with lately. I highly suggest you to go check her out :)
Shoutout to Justine who made me discover my new obsession aka Blogilates -xxx-
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I know that it wasn't much but I hope you enjoyed reading my post,
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